Sunday, 26 January 2014

Gifts for Mum

Hi lovelies, 
Just a quick post as I haven't had time to do my photos today so yet again I am posting something that I haven't planned in. Seems that my New Years resolution of organisation isn't going to plan. 
So instead of that I thought I would post what I got my mum for her birthday. This week it was my Mums 50th birthday and I thought I would spoil her with a few gifts   If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the photo that I posted but here's a little more detail for you all. 
This was taken with my iphone so the quality isn't too brill. 
I'll start with the candles I didn't realise that the Mum yankee candle and the fresh cut roses tartlet are the same scent until after but yeah that's the pink ones. You can just about see the blue sampler on the left, this one is called beach walk. It's not one that I would have usually picked up but my mum mentioned that she liked orange blossom and this one has it in. 
I also bought my mum some Britney Spears curious, this I a perfume that I find myself going back to and I know that my mum really liked it before so in the days when she isn't wearing her Jo Malone she has another cheaper option. 
Stationary next, I love a bit of cute stationary so when I found these in Clinton's I was so excited. My mum loves arts and crafts and has her own little business so I knew that the diary would come in really handy. The little tapes are from Kirstie Allsopps collection at Clintons. They are good for making price tags and decorating items. 
My mum went away with my dad for her birthday and when she came back we all went to my Nans for cake and present giving. It was so nice to see how happy my mum was receiving the gifts and knowing that she had a good birthday. 

This is the first post from my phone so hopefully it doesn't look too shoddy. 

Thanks for reading. 

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