Saturday, 4 January 2014

Oh hey, 
Yesterday it was my birthday, I had such a good day. It started with breakfast in bed, courtesy of my boyfriend,  consisting of a bacon and brie roll and a tassimo costa latte mmm mmmm. Then my family came over and I opened my presents from my Mum, Dad and sister (thanks guys). 
After that I went shopping with my sisters and spent most of my birthday money. My day was topped of with cocktails and a nice meal out with the Mr. 
 As promised on Instagram here is my birthday haul. 

Just a snapshot of some of the presents I received/bought. The main present I bought with the money from my family and boyfriend was a new Nikon camera, I loves it. 
 This beautiful tartan scarf is from Topshop, it is so soft and warm. This will be used for puppy walks along with my Hunter wellies from Christmas.
 Topshop thick leggings/treggings. 
 These little beauty's were on offer at Boots, I recently ran out of the fab pore so was more than pleased that it was on offer. I am in desperate need for some miracle eye bag remover/disguise, I'm not sure if it's because I'm a year older or recent stress/lack of sleep but my eyes need some TLC. So I thought I would give you won't believe you eyes. I tested it on my hand in store and it seemed to illuminate my skin, I was also drawn in by the applicator tip, its little silver balls that roll the product onto your skin. I might do a review on it when I've used it for a while. 
 CAKE!!! Oh my goodness just look at these beautiful cakepops that my sissy Nellie made me. They look as good as they taste. I was gifted a big bag full of these and will be enjoying them for a few days. Nellie has also bought me a book and given me some money. Very generous big thank you to you. 
Lush YAY! I was so excited to get this big Snow Fairy cone, just as I had thought we couldn't buy the Christmas Luch things anymore my sissy El bought me this. I'm so excited to use it, in the cone there is; Snow Fairy shower gel, Shimmy Shimmy shimmer bar and Angels Delight Soap. So it seems that you can still get some of the Christmas stuff in store at Lush, there's none on line I checked.  
 Frilly socks a wardrobe staple, I bought these ones to wear with some ankle boots I bought with my Christmas money.
Stationary (WHsmiths and Topshop) my main new years resolution, even though I am a new year humbug, is to be more organised. I already had a Diary but felt I needed a note book to jot down my to do lists and blog ideas and anything else that might pop into my head. 
And last but definitely not least Momma bear and Poppa bear bought me a collection of Jam, Chutney and Pickle making tools. I am so excited, at Christmas I made my family port cranberry sauce I really enjoyed making it and eating it. I can't wait to get stuck into making more, me and Momma bear are going to make a batch of Piccalilli one weekend so expect a blog post about that soon!

I am so grateful for all of the gifts I received so a big thanks to all.

Wow that was a long one I hope you enjoyed the read. 



  1. Glad you enjoyed your birthday! I will get around to posting about the cake pops soon

  2. What a lovely Birthday you had. So glad you enjoyed it love Momma Bear.

  3. The Topshop socks are the best!! I have so many now haha!! I followed you, Can't wait to see your future posts :D :) xx

    1. Aw thanks for the follow, I followed you as well. These are my first pairs of Topshop socks, they look so cute :) xx