Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Project Life 2015 | Recording Our Family Moments

Happy hump day!

I couldn't help but add this picture in of Ozzy sat at the table watching me take photo's. (I didn't eat all of that chocolate although I may have helped hehe). 

This year as our family has extended I have decided that I need to record more of our precious moments together. Over the years I have had loads of digital photos, however as I have had laptop disasters or software failures I have lost a lot of these images. 

I was going to do just a normal family album or attempt to scrapbook but after watching a few YouTube videos I decided that I would give Project Life a go. 

All of the above were purchased from Hobbycraft online.

To start my project I selected a D ring binder in Jade , project life mini kit - the baby boy edition, the 3x4 Jade edition insert cards and the big variety pack of inserts.

This was enough to get me started. The pens that I began to use were the Sharpie fine point markers. After using these on a few pages I was not happy with the result especially when I had used them on the Baby Boy inserts, as the ink had ran through meaning that I could not use the other side to write on. 

Some people may be fine with this as it is possible to put a different card on the other side, trying to be thrifty though I would rather write on both sides so that I can stretch the cards out further.   

So I decided to invest in some different pens from Paperchase, I prefer to write in black rather than blue but these are available in both colours. 

Whilst in there I found the sticker stand and just couldn't resist buying a few packs to jazz up some pages in the future. I was surprised at the price as well, these packs were between £1 and £1.50, I thought that this was really reasonable.   

  This is just a sneak peek at one of the pages I have done so far. I have been finding it so enjoyable looking through the photo's of Edwards first few weeks and putting them into the album. 

I plan on posting more about Project Life, if there are any questions that you have about it feel free to leave me a question in the comments. 


All opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored. 


  1. Love that idea! :)

    Christina ♥

  2. oh my! I've been wanting to get on the Project Life band wagon too! thanks for sharing this might be the final push Ive been waiting for. :)

    1. I love doing mine, especially on a rainy day whilst Edward sleeps it's definitely worth doing xx