Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Skincare Favourites

Hello Lovelies, 
It's been a while since I last posted a blog, I've been busy getting into my new work routine. I promise I will try and be more organised with my scheduling. 
I thought I would share my favourite skin care products. 

 Garnier skin care has been my go to product for the past couple of years, it all started with the Moisture Match moisturiser, I can't tell you how much I love this. It smells so nice a little bit like lemonade, it instantly refreshes my skin. It soaks in really well so you're not left with a greasy layer and it leaves your skin feeling super soft. I LOVE it!
 I later discovered the soft essentials cleansing milk and toner, these smell like roses and remove every speck of make up from my face. I try and use these everyday to take of my make up, however recently I have been forgetting, so as a fix for this I decided to buy the goodbye dry cleansing wipes. I know that wipes are not the best thing for skin, but sometimes after a late work shift, I am so tired I just want to crawl into bed and grabbing a wipe is the easy option. I haven't been using these wipes for that long but, I so far they seem really good at removing my make up and leaving my face feeling lovely.  
 On to Soap and Glory, one product that I have been using everyday since I bought it on my birthday is the You Won't Believe Your Eyes. This product is such a life saver for my tired eyes. Each day before applying my concealer I apply this under my eyes and it instantly makes them feel refreshed and looking a lot lighter. It's a must if you have tired eyes. 
The Fab Pore recently featured in my empties post, this is a mask which I apply to my skin when having a relaxing bath. It always leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and refreshed. The mask has small blue beads which burst when you apply it. 
Peaches and Clean is also great for cleansing, I usually use this in a morning as it removes any make up that may have clung to my face from the night before, it also smells amazing. 
The Greatest Scrub of All is a really good exfoliator, I don't tend to use this product too much. It's great however for in the winter months when my skin decides to dry out.
If you have any favourites I'd love to hear about them. 
Thanks for the read      

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