Friday, 20 March 2015

Easy Easter Nests

Hello Lovelies, 

It's been a while since I posted, I've been busy doing mummy things and enjoying family days out. Finding time to sit and write posts is really hard but I love doing it so need to find some more time and maybe become a bit more organised. 

Anyway today I thought I would share a really quick Easter recipe that I enjoy making my self and also enjoyed sharing with children when I was teaching. 

You will need: 
Any brand of shredded wheat 
400g of chocolate (200g for a small batch) 
Mini eggs 
Fluffy chicks (optional) I picked mine up from hobby craft but you can get them just about anywhere 
Hoppy bunny cadburys chocolate 
Bun cases 
Bun tray or plate

Prep: place bun cases into the bun tray so they are ready to go. 

1. Break up the shredded wheat until you are left with small nest like bits. 

2. Melt the chocolate, either over hot water or in the microwave. I started with water and then didn't have the patience so blasted it in the microwave. I did this for about 20 seconds a time so it didn't burn or go grainy. 

3. Pour the shredded wheat into the chocolate a little at a time and stir. Continue doing this until most of the chocolate has covered the shredded wheat. 

4. Spoon the mix into bun cases until they are full. 

5. Whilst the choc is still melted pop an egg, square of hoppy bunny choc or a combination on the top. 

6.  Pop in the fridge to set the chocolate. 

7. Enjoy!! 


I know not everyone reading this will have children or make these with children. But if you are I thought I would include  a quick side note on why I used this within my teaching. 

When making these nest buns there were a lot of things that I could discuss with the children. These include melting and setting (science), eggs and chickens (science) and the story of Easter and why some people celebrate. 

Let me know if you have any other Easter bakes. I have another chocolate treat coming up soon. 


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