Sunday, 20 July 2014

First Trimester my experience and tips

Hello lovelies,
I had planned to do an update last week but unfortunately was too busy. 
I am now 17 weeks pregnant so have finished the first trimester. During the first trimester I read a few blogs and watched YouTube videos. I found that these helped me to understand what I could expect and what I was experiencing. 
For the first few weeks up to around 6 weeks I was unaware that I was pregnant. 
I didn't really notice any changes until I was around 6 or 7 weeks.

The main symptom that I had during my first trimester was sickness and nausea. I know that it's different for everyone, some people don't experience sickness or nausea at all (lucky lucky people). 
My sickness mostly happened as I got out of bed first thing in the morning. I found that I couldn't even keep down a cup off tea. I went totally off tea and coffee altogether :(. 
After some research and family advice I tried eating ginger biscuits. These were really helpful and took away the nausea. However I still didn't have much of an appetite. Another favourite of mine whilst going through sickness was cream crackers. I found that because they are bland I could keep them down (urgh so gross). 

I have a few things that I would recommend for the first trimester. These are the items that really helped me and hopefully could help you. 

1. Pregnancy the beginner's guide by DK. This book was and is really helpful, it breaks each month down and has handy tips and facts about what is happening to your body. It also has a Dad's survival guide page for each month explaining how they can help and what their partner may be going through. Very helpful. This was £12.99 from waterstones. 

2. Ginger nuts/ Gin Gins. How funny is the little ginger man on the box. Ginger nuts, ginger biscuits can be found in any supermarket. The gin gins were from Anthony's mum she got these from Holland and Barratts I'm not too sure of the price but I think they will be on the website. 

3. Cream crackers. 

4. Cordial/dilute/squash. People have different names for this but basically because I had been put off tea and coffee I started to drink a lot of robin sons to make sure that I was taking in fluids as this is very important. 

Essential vitamins folic acid and vitamin D I started to take these before visiting my midwife, as my mum told me how important they were. These are around £3 from boots however once you have been to the midwife and sent off a form you can get them free on prescription. I still need to send my form ooops. 

6. Bubble bath. With my job I work shifts so sometimes don't get home until around 9pm. Having a nice relaxing bubble bath helped me to unwind. Make sure that you find a scent that you like though because you're senses will be stronger. I found I couldn't wear perfume in the first trimester as it set off my sickness. So find a scent that you like and can handle. 
At 12 weeks we went for our first scan. It was such a mixed feeling the night before  I was scared that there wouldn't be anything there. I know it sounds silly but yeah. Anyway there was and we could see it's little heart beat sooo cute. We didn't manage to find out if we were having a boy or a girl but we will be on my next scan in a few weeks. So exciting. 
So apart from sickness, tiredness and a lack of energy there isn't really much more that I can say about the first trimester. 
As I said I am now into my 17th week the sickness, nausea and lack of appetite have began to disappear. I still have a few mornings when I'm sick but no where near as many as before ( every morning) and as for loss of appetite that has gone. I have found myself wanting to eat a lot more. I have also been eating extra fruit and veg for vitamins etc. 
I will do more of an update on my 2nd trimester nearer the end as a summary but I'm also hoping to do weekly updates between then. 
Maybe even a mini haul when I have a few more things :). 
I hope you have found this helpful if you are in your first trimester. I will be happy to answer any comments/questions  :). 
Happy Sunday. 

Lillybet xx

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