Sunday, 10 August 2014

Gender Reveal!!

Hello Lovelies, 
Just a quick update today. On Thursday we went for our 20 weeks scan, Anthony and I had both decided that we would like to find out the gender of our baby. 

The 20 weeks scan is so detailed, the sonogropher spent ages looking at all sorts. He did say that we had a very active baby. I had to get up and wiggle a bit (pretty embarrassing wiggling my hips around) to get the baby to move so that we could see the heart better. After a thorough inspection we were told that everything is fine. 

Nothing had been mentioned about the gender so I plucked up the courage to ask. The Sonographer had a good look and revealed we are having a .....

We are both so excited,  I had a feeling from the beginning that we were. We didn't have a preference however now we know it all seems a bit more real. I have definitely bought more things since finding out. 

I hope you have had a fab week. 


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